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Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to Add People to Your Email List

1. Call all past clients and tell them you would like to start ending the information and need their email address.

2. Whenever you are speaking to someone and see an interest in real estate be sure to tell them that you have a special email information list that allows them to get information and at the same time is unobtrusive as possible, stress great info.

3. Go through all of the mounds of business cards that you have including the ones from Realtors that you have met at conventions and personally email them telling them about your email lists and why they would be interested in joining. Do not add them to your email lists until they send back a confirmation that they are interested.

4. Place ads on community related websites asking people to sign up for a special list for email information or a special report. When doing this a paid ad can be very to the point and a little aggressive.

5. Get involved with community based message boards and make you the Real Estate guru and specialist. When people trust you they will sign up for your newsletters and lists. On many message boards you can have a signature and in this signature you can put your opt-in page web address as a link.
6. On your website you can utilize the following things to get people to subscribe. You can have a form that people can fill in to join your list. You can have a subscription box to your newsletter and automatically add them based on the page they subscribe from to a specific mail list.

7. Use Give always on your website and within emails or ads. You can offer free reports and have they signed up to receive the free report. This report will of course let you know what they are most interested in for a mailing list.

8. Have a contest. For a contest you can of course have some kind of contest at any function let’s say for a kids bike or a household appliance that people can join the contest and give their name an email address and of course a check box to opt- in to your real estate mailing lists.

9. On your print newsletter have an article that lets people know exactly what is included in your email newsletter and mailing lists and have them sign up for one of these lists by simply emailing you.

10. Become a community real estate specialist. Write articles for a local newspaper or community newsletter even if it is a paid ad and in showing your knowledge in those articles you will be able to have people come to your site to sign up for your newsletters and mailing lists.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Find a Best Hosting for your Website

Web Designing and hosting plays an important role for your company's or product's promotion. As there are thousands of web hosting companies with all kinds of offerings, and lots of marketing traps that new webmasters may easily fall into. We have seen lots of webmasters moving from one web host to another since they started getting their website online, and it generally takes a few rounds before they can finally settle down with a web host.

If you just start trying different service providers paying $60-$150 per year, this trial and error approach is costly, as most of the time that should be used to focus in the website development, is being occupied by these repeating task of moving and checking of new web host. A smart webmaster that have made the correct choice initially may have already seeing some success in the website since time is spent wisely on building traffic for the website instead of busy moving it from one web host to another.

How can we minimize the error of making the wrong choice of web hosting provider initially? Well, here is a simple three step approach that can help any webmaster to find the web host that fits.

Some webmasters are considering cost only; they generally ignore band width and other factors like service. Let’s list them up now:

1. Cost

2. Band width

3. Services (call centers)

4. Domain registration.

5 Different file extension supports.

Actually one should start from setting one's priority. You need to understand what you really need before searching for any web host, take a piece of paper and list down your own expectations from your soon to be web hosting partner, for example, since you are new to everything, you would prefer to have a much more friendly and patience, dedicated support staff that can guide you along while you are setting up your website etc. List down as much as possible so that you understand what you really want from your web host, this is important step as most people tends to skip this process and ended up in the trial and error approach mentioned earlier.

Don't be surprised if you are getting some not so popular web hosting companies from advanced webmasters, there are lots of good web hosting providers that do not conduct massive marketing campaign or offer bulk resources hosting plans with cheap rates, these good web hosts grow their business through word of mouth, and most of them have clients that has been hosting with them for years. These are the web hosting provider that you should be partnering with if you are serious about building your website to a success, chasing after the cheapest plan is not a good or long term option.

Personally check and verify shortlisted web host before commit.

Take out the long list of questions you have done up in step one, and send them to each of the shortlisted web host, then carefully go through the responses, you'll be surprise you can still able to filter out some of them, particularly those that is providing 'canned replies' those that do not provide the answer that is up to your expectations, and identify the one that you are feeling most comfortable hosting with.

Bear in mind that your web hosting provider is an important business partner of yours, and it does contribute to the success of your website in one way or another if chosen wisely.Finally we recommend following service providers for your requirements:

For cheap domain and hosting services we always recommend They are offering 15000 Mb space for as low as $3.99/month. They are offering 300 GB of Band width enough for 30000 visitors per day. They are offering 3 call centers at UK, USA and Australia for best support.

Create Your Own Internet Business For Free

Internet is the largest source of money and employment today. You too can make money on the internet, and getting set up only takes a few minutes. Being around the internet for many years it has always puzzled me why others aren't turning to the internet for an easy way to make money from home. At very little cost if any, you can start your own internet money making machine that'll generate a lifetime of income. And if you read on I'll show you how to do just that in 3 Easy Steps.

Can you imagine yourself making money on the internet? I can, and I'll teach you a few basic things that will have you up and running in no time! There are thousands if not millions around the world who are already doing just that. It's really no big secret to making money on the internet, but many would have you think differently because they want to sell you the information for a price. But if you spent some time on the internet you'll discover that "BIG SECRET" doesn't have to cost you a dime. As a matter of fact that information is spread out all over the internet and it's FREE!

Now for those of you who have heard this before but never could find the information for free, well then you have just now found the right article that will show you a few of those so called secrets. And it won't cost you a dime, a quarter, or even a buck to have your own money making machine. No more worries about it costing you a fortune to get started. Just follow the few simple steps below and in no time you'll be an internet Business owner who'll soon be on your way to making money!

Step One: Go to to set up your free hosting account. Or type in Free Hosting into your favorite search engine and search for a free hosting provider.

Step Two: Go to 101dollarearningtips and choose your favorite affiliate program. Find and sign up to quality affiliate programs.

Step Three: Launch your free site or buy space form Create a website using FrontPage website building tools. Web site can be about anything.

That about wraps that up. And it really only takes a minutes to get this set up and to start making some serious money! Give it a try, but do keep in mind that you reap only what you sow In other words you will have to make an effort at in order to make money. You just can't build it and expect visitors to show up.

By spending just an hour a day leaving short messages and comments in forums and on blogs will drive traffic back to your web site in no time. If visitors don't like what your site is about, or they are just ready to leave your site, then nine out of ten times they'll leave by way of one of your affiliate links. You can make fast money on the internet with affiliate links!

Take it just one step further by writing short articles and posting them on article sites. This will drive even more traffic your way! Search engines love Article Sites!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Show me the Money

Show me the money Jerry. Unless the internet is simply a hobby for fun chances are you are going through all this reading, researching, buying, chatting, building, in order to make money. So when do I show you the money. Well I'm sorry to say that you are the one who has to show yourself the money. How do I show myself the money you say? Simple, by building quality content that brings traffic and customers. But once you have these customers, you need income streams where they can actually buy from you. If you only have one product that they can buy, well I'm sorry to say that you will be showing me the money but it will just about enough to go to the movies....alone. Be creative; find different ways to make money, even if this means re-inventing the wheel.

Actually just off the top of my head here a few additional things that you can have on your site that can generate income: Google Adsense, Affiliate Banners, Advertising, Think about potential income streams that might "fit" with your Site Concept before you commit to writing articles or creating a site name. Basically your attitude in this business has to be, I want to try to make every visitor to my Web site or every reader of my articles contribute to my bottom line so that I'm are not wasting good traffic. The "niche concept site" is a flexible strategy that anyone can create and monetize. Bend it and twist it -- add your own ideas! Traffic building (and lots of it) comes before Monetization. This is so obvious, but basically, nobody does it. Let me give you a nice piece of advice at this point. Diversification creates a stable online business and puts you in charge.

However, multiple income opportunities should not be introduced at the expense of your main business. Expand appropriately. If you are purely creating "information" site and do not have a product or service to sell, no problem. You can monetize traffic several ways. For example, grow a list of good merchants with affiliate programs who have product lines that fit. Choose only the best ones and group them according to high-profitability keywords. Or monetize with Google AdSense, the perfect fit for a theme-based content site. Do not dilute your targeted niche just to expand your base of merchant-partners or to create a wider audience for monetization purpose because that is a direct path to a short Internet Career.
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