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Friday, April 17, 2009

Show me the Money

Show me the money Jerry. Unless the internet is simply a hobby for fun chances are you are going through all this reading, researching, buying, chatting, building, in order to make money. So when do I show you the money. Well I'm sorry to say that you are the one who has to show yourself the money. How do I show myself the money you say? Simple, by building quality content that brings traffic and customers. But once you have these customers, you need income streams where they can actually buy from you. If you only have one product that they can buy, well I'm sorry to say that you will be showing me the money but it will just about enough to go to the movies....alone. Be creative; find different ways to make money, even if this means re-inventing the wheel.

Actually just off the top of my head here a few additional things that you can have on your site that can generate income: Google Adsense, Affiliate Banners, Advertising, Think about potential income streams that might "fit" with your Site Concept before you commit to writing articles or creating a site name. Basically your attitude in this business has to be, I want to try to make every visitor to my Web site or every reader of my articles contribute to my bottom line so that I'm are not wasting good traffic. The "niche concept site" is a flexible strategy that anyone can create and monetize. Bend it and twist it -- add your own ideas! Traffic building (and lots of it) comes before Monetization. This is so obvious, but basically, nobody does it. Let me give you a nice piece of advice at this point. Diversification creates a stable online business and puts you in charge.

However, multiple income opportunities should not be introduced at the expense of your main business. Expand appropriately. If you are purely creating "information" site and do not have a product or service to sell, no problem. You can monetize traffic several ways. For example, grow a list of good merchants with affiliate programs who have product lines that fit. Choose only the best ones and group them according to high-profitability keywords. Or monetize with Google AdSense, the perfect fit for a theme-based content site. Do not dilute your targeted niche just to expand your base of merchant-partners or to create a wider audience for monetization purpose because that is a direct path to a short Internet Career.
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